Wednesday, September 19, 2018

How to Stay Top of Mind with Current Customers & Prospects

The marketing promotion and business services landscape has evolved in the last five to ten years. All-inclusive services, products and agencies were commonplace and were able to cater to a wide range of needs in a one-size-fits all approach, but that’s been replaced with professionals now providing a more tailored approach to the benefit of their clients. Consumers are more empowered and willing to do their own research in a fragmented market to find the partner who shares their goals, values and vision. Simply winning a new contract or signing a customer will not drastically change the trajectory of your business. In order to maximize the long-term value of current relationships and engage new clientele, businesses in every industry need to stay top of mind with current and prospective customers.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, it’s seven times cheaper to retain a current customer than acquiring a new customer. It’s a figure often cited by marketing and sales teams, but less known are the specific tactics to effectively engage current clients. We’re happy to share up-to-date and proven methods of nurturing customer loyalty.

Establish Clear Value Proposition

Loyal customers have a clear understanding of how you support their mission, the goals they seek to accomplish and what differentiates you from the next firm pitching business. When interacting with customers, make an effort to address their unique needs and how your plans and effort will result in success. This is more important when the customer-facing role differs from the employee who made the sale. Long-term relationships hinge on what you have done for the client, not what was promised. Take credit for small victories and when you go above and beyond on a project that’s out of scope. It’s OK to brag a little here. If your customer is not aware of behind-the-scenes work completed, they could undervalue you and decide to move in a different direction.

At Sanzo Specialties, we practice what we preach and are proud to offer promotional product mock-ups, edits and phone consultations free of charge. We know our success is tied to your success.

Make Business Personal

Showing customers you truly appreciate them will help you stay top of mind and make them more likely to remain your customer. We recommend taking out the pen, paper and stamps to write handwritten notes of appreciation – and not just when they pay you money. People respond positively when their hard work is noticed and a small gesture like handwritten notes are a fantastic way of fostering your client relationship. Staying in touch with long-term customers will allow you to be proactive when their needs change and will improve the chances they refer future business. Remember, your best customers are the ones you already have.

Go Above and Beyond

Treat each interaction with a client as an opportunity to wow them with your skills and ability to produce results for them – not just do the bare minimum. Consistently exceeding expectations will keep you top of mind and help build customer loyalty, which eventually leads to more profit. Even small gestures count and will not go unnoticed. Throwing in a free product on the next shipment or providing free services can create reciprocity between two individuals, and you’ll benefit multiple times over.

Tiered Promotional Approach

Promotional giveaway products are powerful tools to stay top of mind with existing customers and amass new advertising impressions. When selecting giveaway items that have the most impact, remember to choose products that are useful to the target market, unique to your business and unforgettable. Cheap giveaway pens can be useful; however, they are rarely unique, which reduces their impact. Don’t risk alienating a customer with an irrelevant product that serves no purpose. Instead of picking one product for your business to invest in and distribute, develop a tiered approach and vary merchandise by target market and importance.

      1.     Cost-effective logo items for trade shows, events & general giveaways
      2.     Merchandise for select customers
      3.     High value & loyal customers
      4.     Industry thought leaders and potential clients

Studies say 79% of promotional product recipients strongly consider doing business with the company if the item was useful, unique and unforgettable.

Employ these proven tips to win new customers and show current customers they are as valued today as the day you began your working relationship.
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