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 Personalize Your Ride in Style with Custom Laser Engraved License Plate Frames

Rev up your ride and make a bold statement with custom laser engraved license plates. With endless options for personalization, these plates allow you to showcase your unique style and stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a car enthusiast, want to add some flair to your vehicle, or simply looking for a way to express your personality, custom laser engraved license plates are the perfect solution.

These license plates are meticulously crafted with precision laser engraving, ensuring a beautifully detailed and long-lasting design. Choose from a wide range of fonts, graphics, and custom messages to create a plate that truly reflects who you are. Add your name, a special date, or even a custom logo to make your license plate one-of-a-kind.

Not only do custom laser engraved license plates add a touch of personalization to your vehicle, but they also make for a great gift idea. Surprise a loved one with a personalized license plate that celebrates their hobbies, interests, or achievements.

Upgrade your ride and let your personality shine through with custom laser engraved license plates. Get started today and turn heads wherever you go.

Benefits of Custom Laser Engraved License Plate Frames

Custom laser engraved license plates offer numerous benefits that go beyond just personalization. One of the main advantages is the ability to express your individuality and make a statement wherever you go. With a custom license plate, you can showcase your personality, interests, or even your sense of humor. It's a unique way to stand out from the crowd and make your vehicle truly your own.

Furthermore, custom license plates can enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle. With a wide range of design options available, you can choose a plate that complements the style and color of your car. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist design or a bold and eye-catching graphic, there's a custom license plate that will perfectly match your vehicle's look.

Personalization Options for Custom Laser Engraved License Plate Frames

When it comes to personalization, custom laser engraved license plates offer endless possibilities. From adding your name and initials to including a special date or a custom logo, there are numerous ways to make your license plate truly unique. Here are some popular personalization options to consider:

  1. Personalized text: Add your name, initials, or a special message to your license plate. This can be a creative way to showcase your identity or even commemorate a significant event or achievement.
  1. Custom graphics: Choose from a wide range of graphics to add to your license plate. Whether it's a symbol that represents your hobbies or a graphic that showcases your favorite sports team, custom graphics can add a touch of personality to your plate.
  1. Logo customization: If you have a business or a brand, you can incorporate your logo into your license plate design. This can be a great way to promote your business while adding a personalized touch to your vehicle.

With these personalization options, you can create a license plate that is as unique as you are. Let your creativity flow and design a plate that will turn heads wherever you go.

The Process of Creating Custom Laser Engraved License Plate Frames

The process of creating custom laser engraved license plates involves several steps to ensure a high-quality and durable design. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. Color selection: Choose the color of license plate you want, that fits your vehicle's aesthetics.


  1. Personalization: Decide on the personalization options you want to include in your design, such as text, graphics, or logos. Provide the necessary information for customization, such as your name or a specific graphic.
  1. Design proofing: Once you have provided the necessary information, you will receive a design proof from Sanzo Specialties. This allows you to review the design and make any necessary changes or adjustments before it goes into production.
  1. Laser engraving: Once the design proof is approved, we will use precision laser engraving technology to etch the design onto the license plate.
  1. Quality control: After the engraving process, the license plates undergo a thorough quality control check to ensure that the design is accurate. This step ensures that you receive a high-quality product that meets your expectations.
  1. Shipping and installation: Once the license plates pass the quality control check, they are carefully packaged and shipped to your desired location. Installation is typically a simple process that can be done using basic tools.

The process of creating custom laser engraved license plates is designed to provide a seamless and personalized experience. From selecting the design to receiving the finished product, each step is carefully executed to ensure customer satisfaction.

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The Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Aluminum Post and Panel Sign Kits

 Are you looking to create eye-catching signage that stands the test of time? Look no further than aluminum post and panel sign kits. These versatile kits offer a multitude of benefits that make them a popular choice for businesses and organizations of all types. In this article, we will explore the top 5 benefits of investing in aluminum post and panel sign kits.

First and foremost, aluminum is a durable material that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Whether it's scorching heat, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, aluminum signs will remain intact and readable.

Secondly, aluminum post and panel sign kits are highly customizable. From size and shape to color and design, these kits allow you to create signage that perfectly matches your brand identity.

Additionally, aluminum is a lightweight material, making installation quick and hassle-free. This not only saves time but also reduces labor costs.

Furthermore, aluminum post and panel sign kits are cost-effective in the long run. With minimal maintenance required, these signs offer excellent durability, ensuring that your investment will last for years.

Lastly, aluminum is an environmentally friendly choice. Being 100% recyclable, these sign kits help reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

Investing in aluminum post and panel sign kits is not only a smart choice but also a long-term investment for your business or organization. Discover the many advantages of these versatile sign kits and elevate your signage game today.

Benefit #1: Durability and longevity

Aluminum is a durable material that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Whether it's scorching heat, heavy rain, or freezing temperatures, aluminum signs will remain intact and readable. Unlike other materials that may fade, warp, or crack over time, aluminum signs are built to last. Their durability ensures that your signage investment will continue to serve its purpose for years to come.

Not only are aluminum signs resistant to weather, but they are also resistant to corrosion. This means that even in areas with high humidity or salty air, your signs will remain unaffected. This is particularly important for businesses located near the coast or in areas prone to harsh weather conditions.

Another advantage of aluminum signs is that they are resistant to UV rays. This means that even when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, the colors on your signage will not fade. You can be confident that your message will remain vibrant and visible, attracting customers and conveying your brand identity effectively.

Benefit #2: Versatility and customization options

Aluminum post and panel sign kits are highly customizable, allowing you to create signage that perfectly matches your brand identity. With these kits, you have the freedom to choose the color of your sign posts at Sanzo Specialties. Whether you need a small sign for a storefront or a large sign for a highway, aluminum post and panel sign kits can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to size and shape, aluminum signs can be customized with graphics, logos, and text. This allows you to create visually appealing and informative signage that effectively communicates your message to your target audience. Whether you want to promote a sale, provide directions, or display important information, aluminum signs can be customized to suit your needs.

The versatility of aluminum signs extends beyond customization options. These signs can be used for a wide range of applications, including wayfinding signage, parking lot signs, real estate signs, and more. The possibilities are endless, making aluminum post and panel sign kits a versatile choice for businesses and organizations of all types.

Benefit #3: Cost-effectiveness and low maintenance

Investing in aluminum post and panel sign kits is not only a smart choice but also a cost-effective one. While the initial investment may be higher than other signage options, aluminum signs offer excellent durability, ensuring that your investment will last for years. With minimal maintenance required, your signage costs will be significantly reduced in the long run.

Unlike signs made from other materials that may require frequent repairs or replacements, aluminum signs are built to withstand wear and tear. This means that you won't have to spend additional money on repairs or replacements, saving you both time and money.

In terms of maintenance, aluminum signs are incredibly low maintenance. Unlike sign posts made from wood or other materials that may require regular painting or sealing, aluminum signs can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This saves you the hassle of regular maintenance and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Benefit #4: Professional and high-quality appearance

Aluminum post and panel sign kits offer a professional and high-quality appearance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. The sleek and modern look of aluminum signs gives your business a polished and professional image, helping to build trust and credibility with your customers.

The high-quality appearance of aluminum signs is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical. Aluminum signs are highly legible, ensuring that your message is easily readable from a distance. Whether it's a highway sign or a storefront sign, aluminum signs grab attention and effectively convey your message.

Furthermore, aluminum sign posts can be finished with a variety of coatings, such as powder coating or anodizing, to enhance their appearance and protect them from scratches or fading. This allows you to choose a finish that best complements your brand and ensures that your signage looks great for years to come.

Benefit #5: Easy installation and portability

Aluminum post and panel sign kits are lightweight, making installation quick and hassle-free. This not only saves time but also reduces labor costs. Unlike signs made from heavier materials, aluminum signs can be easily transported and installed by a single person, eliminating the need for additional manpower.

The ease of installation also means that you can quickly update or replace your signage whenever necessary. Whether you need to change your message or update your branding, aluminum signs can be easily swapped out without much effort. This flexibility allows you to keep your signage up to date and relevant, ensuring that your message is always fresh and engaging.

Furthermore, aluminum sign posts are portable, allowing you to move them to different locations as needed. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that participate in events or trade shows. With aluminum post and panel sign kits, you can take your signage with you wherever you go, maximizing your brand exposure and attracting potential customers.

How to choose the right aluminum post and panel sign kit

When choosing an aluminum post and panel sign kit, there are a few factors to consider. First, determine the purpose of your signage. Are you looking to attract attention, provide information, or promote a specific product or service? Understanding the purpose will help you determine the size, shape, and design of your signs.

Next, consider the location where the signs will be installed. If they will be exposed to harsh weather conditions, choose a kit that offers additional weatherproofing options, such as protective coatings or reinforced fasteners. If the signs will be displayed indoors, you may have more flexibility in terms of design and customization options.

It's also important to consider your budget when choosing an aluminum post and panel sign kit. While these kits offer excellent durability and customization options, they may come at a higher price point. Determine your budget and find a kit that offers the best value for your money.

Lastly, research different suppliers and read reviews from other customers. Look for suppliers that have a good reputation for quality and customer service. This will ensure that you receive a high-quality product and have a positive experience throughout the purchasing process.

Frequently asked questions about aluminum post and panel sign kits

Q: Can aluminum signs be illuminated?

A: Yes, aluminum signs can be illuminated using various lighting options, such as LED lights or spotlights. This can enhance the visibility of your signage, particularly in low-light conditions.

Q: How long do aluminum sign posts typically last?

A: Aluminum posts are known for their durability and longevity. With proper care and maintenance, they can last up to 10 years or more.

Q: Can aluminum sign posts be recycled?

A: Yes, aluminum signs are 100% recyclable. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Q: Can aluminum sign posts be repaired if they get damaged?

A: In some cases, aluminum signs can be repaired if they get damaged. However, the extent of the damage will determine whether a repair is possible or if a replacement is necessary.  Replacement components are readily available at

Conclusion: Why investing in aluminum post and panel sign kits is a smart choice

Investing in aluminum post and panel sign kits is a smart choice for businesses and organizations looking to create eye-catching signage that stands the test of time. The top 5 benefits of these versatile kits include durability and longevity, versatility and customization options, cost-effectiveness and low maintenance, a professional and high-quality appearance, as well as easy installation and portability.

Aluminum signs offer excellent durability, ensuring that your investment will last for years. They are highly customizable, allowing you to create signage that perfectly matches your brand identity. With minimal maintenance required, aluminum signs are cost-effective in the long run.

Not only do aluminum signs offer a professional and high-quality appearance, but they are also easy to install and portable. This allows you to quickly update or replace your signage whenever necessary, maximizing your brand exposure.

By choosing aluminum post and panel sign kits, you are making an environmentally friendly choice as well. Aluminum signs are 100% recyclable, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

Elevate your signage game today by investing in aluminum post and panel sign kits. Discover the many advantages of these versatile sign kits and take your brand visibility to new heights.

Maximizing Visibility and Impact: How 24x30 Sign Frames Can Boost Your Real Estate Business

In the competitive real estate industry, maximizing your visibility and impact is essential to stand out from the crowd and attract potential buyers. One effective way to do this is by utilizing 24x30 sign frames. These frames are not only versatile and durable but also provide ample space for your signage, enabling you to effectively market and showcase your listings.

With their larger size, 24x30 sign frames are more noticeable and eye-catching, ensuring that your message gets the attention it deserves. Whether you are advertising a residential property, a commercial space, or an upcoming development project, these sign frames can significantly boost your real estate business.

Furthermore, their sturdy construction ensures that your signage remains intact even in inclement weather, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring that your message is always visible. By investing in high-quality sign frames, you convey professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail, which can positively impact potential buyers' perception of your brand.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your visibility and make a lasting impression in the real estate market. Discover how 24x30 sign frames can help you take your business to new heights.

The importance of visibility and impact in real estate marketing

In the fast-paced world of real estate, capturing the attention of potential buyers is crucial. With so many properties on the market, it's essential to make your listings stand out. Visibility and impact play a significant role in attracting potential buyers and generating interest in your properties. By utilizing 24x30 sign frames, you can effectively communicate your message and create a lasting impression.

Understanding the benefits of 24x30 sign frames

When it comes to marketing your real estate business, the size of your signage matters. Larger sign frames, such as the 24x30 size, offer numerous benefits. Firstly, their increased dimensions make them more noticeable and eye-catching. This ensures that your message gets the attention it deserves, even in a crowded market. Secondly, the larger size provides ample space to display essential information such as property details, contact information, and any additional selling points. This allows potential buyers to gather the necessary information at a glance, saving them time and increasing their interest in the property.

How 24x30 sign frames enhance curb appeal

Curb appeal is a critical factor when it comes to selling properties. The exterior appearance of a property can greatly influence a potential buyer's decision-making process. By utilizing 24x30 sign frames, you can enhance the curb appeal of your listings. These larger frames make your signage more visible from a distance, enticing passersby to take a closer look. Additionally, the sturdy construction of these sign frames ensures that your signage remains intact even in inclement weather, further enhancing the overall appearance and professionalism of your listings.

Design considerations for 24x30 sign frames

When designing your signage for 24x30 sign frames, it's essential to consider several factors. Firstly, ensure that the font size and style are easily readable from a distance. This will allow potential buyers to gather information quickly and effortlessly. Secondly, incorporate high-quality images of the property to showcase its features and attract attention. Remember to maintain a cohesive design aesthetic that aligns with your brand identity. By paying attention to these design considerations, you can create visually appealing signage that effectively communicates your message.

Best practices for using 24x30 sign frames in real estate marketing

To maximize the impact of 24x30 sign frames in your real estate marketing efforts, it's important to follow certain best practices. Firstly, strategically place your sign frames in view of high-traffic areas, such as busy intersections or near popular landmarks. This will ensure that your message reaches a wider audience and increases the chances of attracting potential buyers. Additionally, regularly update your signage to reflect new listings or price changes. This demonstrates that your business is active and ensures that your message remains relevant. Lastly, consider adding a call-to-action on your sign frames, such as directing potential buyers to your website or inviting them to schedule a viewing. This encourages engagement and increases the likelihood of conversion.

Where to purchase high-quality 24x30 sign frames

When it comes to purchasing high-quality 24x30 sign frames, it's important to choose a reputable supplier. Look for suppliers who specialize in real estate signage and offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. Online suppliers such as provide a variety of durable and customizable sign frames in different sizes, including 24x30. These suppliers also offer additional services such as graphic design and printing, making it easy to create professional and impactful signage for your real estate business.

How to effectively install and maintain 24x30 sign frames

Proper installation and maintenance of 24x30 sign frames are essential to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. When installing the sign frames, choose a sturdy and visible location that maximizes exposure. Secure the frames using appropriate fasteners and ensure they are level and securely attached to the ground. Regularly inspect the sign frames for any damage, such as cracks or fading, and replace them if necessary. Additionally, clean the signage regularly to remove dirt and debris that may obscure the message. By following these installation and maintenance practices, you can ensure that your 24x30 sign frames remain in optimal condition and continue to make a positive impact on your real estate marketing efforts.

Alternative options for maximizing visibility and impact in real estate marketing

While 24x30 sign frames are a powerful tool for maximizing visibility and impact in real estate marketing, there are alternative options available. Digital signage, for example, allows for dynamic and interactive content that can capture attention and engage potential buyers. Virtual tours and 3D walk-throughs provide immersive experiences that allow potential buyers to explore properties from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, utilizing social media platforms and online advertising can help extend your reach and target specific demographics. By incorporating these alternative options into your marketing strategy alongside 24x30 sign frames, you can create a comprehensive and impactful approach to marketing your real estate business.

Conclusion: The power of 24x30 sign frames in boosting your real estate business.

In a competitive real estate market, maximizing visibility and impact is crucial to attracting potential buyers and standing out from the competition. 24x30 sign frames offer a versatile and impactful solution for showcasing and marketing your listings. Their larger size, durability, and eye-catching design make them an effective tool for capturing attention and conveying essential information. By strategically utilizing these sign frames, you can enhance curb appeal, convey professionalism, and create a lasting impression on potential buyers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your visibility and take your real estate business to new heights with the power of 24x30 sign frames.

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How to Spot Fraudulent N95 and KN95 Masks

Like many of you, we're looking for ways to keep our loved ones safe, especially those that are considered essential workers.  I almost purchased a lot of 500 - N95 masks to distribute among my family who many are in healthcare only to find out they were fraudulent!  Here's what we've done to verify authenticity, hope you can all do the same.

First read this post from the CDC on how to spot fakes.  These counterfit manufacturers are clever:
To summarize, if you see any that claim to be NIOSH certified please check this website.

In order to do your own investigation, here's what I suggest.  Gather as much information as you can first.  Email them for more specifics.  Things to request: Documentation that verifies any claims such as:  NIOSH Certification letter or FDA Approval number.  Additional photos of the product and packaging are also useful.
  1. Check out the list of approved masks here.  There is a list by alphabet of N95 manufacturers:
  2. Here is a list of approved masks in emergency situations.  The KN95 mask manufacturers are listed here.
  3. If they give you an FDA Registration number, you can check it out here.  NOTE: Just because they have a number from the FDA does NOT mean that all their products are legitimate.  It simply means they have "Registered" and can now be subject to inspections of their manufacturing facility.  RED FLAG: If they show some official looking "Certificate" from the FDA, I confirmed with the FDA that they do not issue any "Certificates", just a Registration number.
  4. IF YOU DO ANYTHING AT ALL, DO THIS - Contact the CERTIFICATE HOLDER - THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.  These certificates that are awarded to a Company often names the individual in the certificate.  Go to their corporate website and email them or fill in their contact form.  You want to gather as much as you can and submit it to them for verification of authenticity.  Things to gather: Images of the mask, the box, Certificates and the reseller contact information or website selling the product.  You'll be surprized how fast these companies respond to your inquiry.
All of us at Sanzo's want you to be safe during these times and avoid from any potential scams.  If anyone has found a source that is not authentic, please contact us, list it or post it where-ever possible.  Let's keep each other safe!

As far as personal protection - we've looked at many varieties and we're a fan of this mask made in the USA:
4 Layer Cotton Mask
What we like is the construction is 100% cotton and it is three layer.  These masks make no medical claims, however, more layers offers better filtration.  Also for personal use when getting your essentials or working within essential businesses, these can be washed at the end of the day and reused.  

Hope everyone stays safe and if you have any suggestions, please email and we'll try to address any concerns!

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How to Execute An Open House To Get Multiple Offers

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: The real estate market is hot with extremely low inventories across much of the country and homes selling at historically high prices. A competitive sellers’ market is music to realtor’s ears with real estate seemingly selling itself, but there are proven techniques seller’s agents should employ that help maximize price and the number of offers.

Show Them the Way
open house sign

In order for prospective homebuyers to put an offer on a home, they will need to find the property. It may seem obvious but selling agents should be aware of the various ways to reach buyers. In the days leading to an open house, place directional open house signs around the neighborhood pointing to the open house. Placing these signs at large intersections and arterial streets will provide the most visibility to neighbors who may not actively be looking for open houses. Locals like to talk and may have friends and family interested in moving to the neighborhood. Open house banners and large feather flags placed on the front yard ensures homebuyers will not drive by and miss the open house.

Most new homes come on the market on a Thursday so homebuyers can plan to tour the home on a weekend open house. Online sites are a popular and free way to get the word out for an open house. Add your dates, times and information about the listing on Craigslist, Zillow,, Nextdoor and neighborhood association sites. Small local newspapers are another way to reach a larger pool of homebuyers.

Clean, Declutter & Clean Some More

It takes more than unlocking the door and putting out a plate of cookies to prepare for an open house. Homebuyers stepping through the front door will need to picture themselves living their lives in the home, and the first impression goes a long way. The home needs to be thoroughly cleaned, decluttered, organized and well-staged. The entire house needs to be immaculate; from the kitchen, bedrooms, closets and bathrooms to the basements, landscaping and, yes, even the garage. Professional cleaners and a staging company are huge helps in attracting offers if you’re a pack rat or do not have the patience or time for a deep cleaning. Make sure nothing is broken and everything is in perfect working order. Cracked windows and doors, leaky sinks, and dead lightbulbs will expose the seller’s lack of pride in the home and will turn off buyers.

Similar to a marketing manager identifying a target market to be successful, an effective open house requires the seller to understand the ideal buyer. Thinking about the location of the property and what type of neighborhood it’s in will assist in preparing the listing. Homebuyers looking in an upscale neighborhood will expect higher-end upgrades and features while a home in a hip area appealing to younger buyers needs to ditch the 1970s shag carpet and wallpaper. Updating light fixtures is a relatively inexpensive upgrade that goes a long way toward revamping the style of a home’s interior.

Price To Sell

In may seem counter-intuitive to price a home below market value, but it’s a strategy that can pay big dividends. Listing a home at a lower price will attract more attention, and homebuyers will show up to open houses in droves and create an auction-like atmosphere, often bidding up the price higher than the market value. Homebuyers use online search tools that filter results in $25,000 increments, and by listing the home at the next tier lower will result in more homebuyers and create a feeding frenzy of buyers who think they’ve found the deal of a lifetime. Seller’s agents should be equipped with flyers or brochures including pictures of the house, a list of home features as well as community information such as schools and entertainment options. Never let a buyer leave an open house empty-handed; Sanzo Specialties offers cost-effective promotional real estate products.

Pictures Matter

Educated homebuyers will do their research before mapping homes they will see on an open house tour. If they have a realtor, they will use the MLS portal to investigate properties, and real estate sites such as Zillow and feature image slideshows. You’ll want to highlight the home’s interior and exterior with professional pictures. Employ an experienced professional to take pictures; the photographer will be familiar with all the tools and tricks to show the home in its best light. He or she will likely use a tripod, bring light stands, employ a wide-angle lens to make the space appear bigger and edit the images with advanced techniques. Smartphone cameras are better than ever before, but if you can afford a professional, it’s usually worth the price.

Point Out Selling Points

Real estate agents are salespeople selling the home, but often there are bigger selling points than just the square footage of a listing. Schools are one of the most important factors for families with children when buying a home. A difference of a few blocks can determine which school kids will attend, and we all know the quality of public school education is not equal.

If the home has undergone a recent renovation and home improvements, it will be a strong selling point to communicate to open house visitors. A new roof, major appliances or new home system will give buyers confidence a big replacement cost is decades in the future and not looming soon after closing. Quality of schools, access to public transportation and home improvements are big selling points to buyers, so don’t hold this information back; market it!

The Sanzo Specialties team hopes these tips result in a successful open house and a multiple offer situation. Realizing a multiple offer situation, request the buyers present their highest and best offers by a certain date and time. This will force all homebuyers to show their cards and hopefully not hold anything back. Are we missing any tips? Please share your open house suggestions in the comments!

How To Create Effective Promotions Around The Holiday Season

Effective Promotions Around The Holiday Season
As the end of the business year approaches, it’s important to make sure that as a business, you are taking the necessary steps to finish the year off strong while setting yourself up for success in the new year. Holiday season and end-of-the-year events are the perfect time to start implementing promotions to remind clients that their business is important to you and that your business carries products that are perfect to help them finish out end-of-the-year and holiday events. Consider the following tips while approaching the holiday season and end-of-the-year events to reach out to your customers and remind them of their value while promoting your business.

1. Start Early

Give yourself adequate time to make sure you know who your customers are. More importantly, make sure you do your research to know what kind of customer they are. With proper planning, you can successfully create a marketing approach and reach them well in advance of their own holiday promotions and events. You want things to be organized and planned out. A messy timeline will lead to an insincere approach and a less successful promotion. Not sure where to start? Our experts are only a phone call away and ready to help.

2. Recognize Your Customers and Thank Them for Their Business

Making sure that your current customers know that they are valued is the best way to keep them coming back. Whether your intentions are to promote your own items for the holiday season or to wish them well in their business endeavors, when done correctly, you can showcase that their successes are your successes. At the end of the day, you can’t do business without them, so make sure they know that. Show your gratitude with a small token of appreciation. While all clientele are important, the tiered approach is the safest way to select impactful giveaway gifts and avoid alienating a customer with an irrelevant gift. Taking time to review the tiered approach can help you understand what kind of customers you have and be more successful in your promotional reach. You want to make sure that the gesture matches the client. You don’t want to send a generically branded pen or magnet to a customer who is one of your biggest buyers and has been with you for decades.

3. Capitalize on Holidays and End-of-the-Year Events

Use this time to capitalize on industry-specific events. This can include end-of-the-year employee rewards and holiday gifts with bundles and promotions. Many businesses use the end of the year to recognize their employees and reward them. When you reach out to your customers, gift them with something that can inspire them to return to you; they may even want to use the same gifts for their own events and company awards. At Sanzo Specialties, we offer easy-to-customize items such as desk clocks, engravable crystal paperweights and glass awards that are perfect for short, personalized messages and as thank-you gifts for employees.

Understanding who your customers are and how to use promotional giveaway products during the holiday season and for end-of-the-year events can be a powerful tool that helps your business remain a principal player with your existing customers. With a sincere and customized approach to each customer type, you can ensure that every client knows they have been a valued part of your business’s success. You also set yourself up for success moving forward into the new year, reminding new and existing customers that your business should be at the top of their mind as they close out the new year.
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tips for Establishing Brand Consistency with Promotional Items

Promotional products and corporate giveaway items are a proven effective method of staying top of mind with existing customers and gaining additional advertising impressions. Nearly 90 percent of consumers remember the advertiser who gifted a free promotional product in the last two years. That’s a higher recall percentage than TV and print advertising with a much lower cost per impression! Sanzo Specialties is a full-service promotional products company with an in-house team dedicated to your brand and businesses’ success. We encourage the use of functional promotional items, of which we have thousands to select from, but believe it’s important to share tips for success and getting the most out of your marketing budget.

Consider the following practices to maximize each item’s value and establish consistency with personalized promotional items that boost the perception of your business.

1. Pinpoint the Target Audience

Before getting too far into your corporate giveaway plan, you’ll need to clearly define your ideal customer. Solidifying a picture of your target market ensures your brand message is communicated as clearly as possible to bring the most benefit. A narrow target audience ensures your message will be understood and relatable. Gaining customer’s trust in your product or service is a fundamental step when designing a promotional product campaign; don’t assume your message will resonate with people of varying ages, locations, interests or values. Your message should change when attempting to appeal to a single working parent versus a tech-savvy college student. Gather ideas from employees of different departments when determining the right target audience. This step is not to be overlooked or rushed; start here to get the most bang for your buck!

2. Reinforce the Brand, Don’t Transform It

Consistency is crucial when it comes to effective marketing, and this holds true when designing marketing giveaway products. The goal of an advertising giveaway is to reinforce the current brand values, standards and identity. The last thing you want to do is confuse the customers or shift focus away from a well-earned brand reputation. This means using colors, graphics, fonts and logo layouts that are consistent with the existing brand. Tweak the design and messaging in a way that’s in line with the mission statement, core values or company approved hashtag. A promotional product project is not the time to deviate from your current brand; you need to emphasize the current direction your company has subscribed to. If you don’t agree with the current brand message, that’s a different discussion that will often require executive-level approval as it will necessitate the changing of signage, marketing materials, corporate logos and social media messaging. Don’t deviate from the current brand; instead, work to support the current trajectory.

3. Pick Appropriate Products
custom drink coasters

In the first section, we emphasized the importance of defining a target market when executing marketing promotions. Let’s also make sure you pick the right giveaway products in line with the company brand and desired tone. Provided a budget, the Sanzo Specialties team can help select appropriate merchandise from our catalog that spans thousands of products. With your ideal customer in mind, consider picking products that will be kept for a long period of time, a gift that will be seen in a public setting to maximize impressions and a product that’s truly useful to the recipient. The wrong gift will be a waste of money, be discarded immediately, and, in the worst case, tells customers you know or care little about them. Drink coaster sets make perfect sense for realtors who desire to show appreciation to home buying clients, and branded keychains make perfect sense for car dealerships or locksmiths. If your customer base varies, it’s best to err on the side of caution and provide several gift choices that are age, gender and interest appropriate for the recipient.

4. Keep It Simple

Promotional products surround us on a daily basis, so much so that we may overlook them when in plain sight. The average American owns 10 different promotional items, and in order for the message to be understood accurately, it’s best to use clear messaging. A tote bag, logo pen or custom sunglasses may only be viewed for a few seconds by a passerby, so it’s important the message is clear with easy-to-access information, such as the business name, service area or web address. We’ve already covered the importance of using consistent colors, fonts and logos, but consider the space available on the gift when in the design phase. Sanzo Specialties’ design team will create graphics with several proof versions free of charge to make sure your promotions are successful. This is unheard of in our industry, but we know it makes all the difference when investing in a new custom giveaway product.

The combination of consistent branding of custom promotional items with your already exemplary products and services will help your reputation grow to new heights. Customers will develop a stronger level of commitment to your business and be more likely to refer new clients, all while custom merchandise endures to promote another day.

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