Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Creative Idea for Vintage Hotel Motel Key Tags

It’s amazing what you can find on the internet.  2 years ago, we launched our Hotel / Motel vintage key tags since our supplier was unreliable.  After investing in machinery, we were able to manufacture them here.  Our intended target was the Real Estate and Property Management market, however they have taken off with design firms, creative individuals and large corporations as useful gifts and promotional items!  We have over 1,000 different combinations available in material, attachments and colors which has allowed creative marketers to bring designs to life!

While looking on the internet for our own product, we came across a nice blog post on how people take our existing item and make it their own!  Read Ariel’s post on PMQFORTWO!

hotel motel key tag

Does anyone else have a creative idea?  Post a hand drawn mockup, art file, video or anything that comes to mind!  We’ll give the best idea 6 free tags!  No strings attached!
1 comment:
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